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What We Do For You

    People in Country radio consider Shane Media's consulting team Country experts. People in News and Talk see us as News, Talk and Information experts. The same applies to Contemporary and Classic Hits formats. Your station leverages Shane Media's format expertise for your specific competitive environment. It's not just music and content, it's marketing, too, that keeps a station top of mind in a cluttered world.


    Long before Garth Brooks made Country cool, Shane Media programmers were guiding Country radio stations to the top of the ratings. Once the 1990s Country boom was over, Shane Media clients stayed at the top, because our approach to Country is research-directed and listener-driven. In weekly custom music calls we combine our national research information with local input to shape music rotations that make each station uniquely responsive to the local audience.

    adult hits

    Contemporary Hit Radio is for 28 year old women who no longer think like teenagers but want to wire in to today's music just like they did when music was the center of
    their lives. Shane Media invented the Modern Hits format Radio X® then evolved the format to today's target audience. In weekly custom calls we combine our national research information with local input.

    ac/soft ac

    Shane Media programmers hone the music mix, then put our marketing expertise to work, mixing and matching direct marketing, television, and promotion to deliver the message. We conduct weekly calls with clients using both national research and local feedback to best serve the local audience.


    Shane Media News/Talk stations play the hits by consistently talking about the right things in the right way. Our clients get their own weekly Show Prep newsletter, filled with topic ideas, suggested questions, interview contacts and phone numbers. We work with hosts one-on-one, develop their topic selection skills and teach them how to get the most out of any show topic.

    Wear your swimsuit to Fargo in the dead of winter and you'll freeze. Wear it to Hawaii the next day and it's just right. The swimsuit's not at fault, it's the application of the swimsuit. What seems simple enough when the subject is proper clothing is not so simple if the subject is research. Some people get frosted by research that is applied to the wrong situation.

    There are three requisites for effective research:

    1. The right questions.
    2. The right sample.
    3. The right interpretation.

    Your success requires the application of all three elements. Let us show you how Shane Media's powerful research and personal service can dramatically increase your success.

    custom perceptual studies

    Why Shane Media and not a research factory? Because there's no "off the shelf" questionnaire in Shane Media research, no boilerplate.

    All of our studies are customized specifically to your research objective. We're the research company media companies call when the issues are complex.

    • A consortium of farmers and ranchers wanted to know the future for farm broadcasting. They came to Shane Media for the research.

    • A cable MSO wanted to study synergies with local radio. They came to Shane Media.

    • A national network wanted to test its logo icons with radio listeners. They chose Shane Media.

    • When stations with big personalities and full-service news images want a diagnostic of the diverse and complex elements of their programming day, they come to Shane Media.

    Custom-created research from an independent company, not owned by your competitor.

    custom market audit

    A full examination of your station's programming and positioning, and how it stacks up against the marketplace. Your Market Audit is a custom written book that analyzes every element of programming, so you can concentrate on assets and eliminate liabilities. You get a written action plan with specific strategies and tactics.

    qualitative research

    Focus Group Discussions:
    An opportunity for a qualitative view of what makes your station tick. What people like and dislike. How they feel about what the station provides.

    Personal Interviews:
    We probe respondents one-on-one to examine their habits and their feelings about your station. The intensity of questioning and the length of the interviews makes large sample bases difficult.

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